How It Works

This device aims to help owners of small and medium-sized business to consistently stay connected regardless where if you are within Australia or anywhere else in the world. It will help set up remote workforces and communicate with staff. 1Mobile utilises 3G/4G to create WIFI signals by tapping into the best available local data network to provide you extended coverage across any carrier platform.


Unlimited Data

1Mobile has only One Plan. That is Data without Limits.
This means you get to use as much data as you want locally and globally at the maximum speeds which 4G can offer.

Portable WiFi Hotspot

1Mobile is a pocket-sized handheld device that generates a secure WiFi hotspot, providing users with access to the internet both locally and internationally.
1Mobile is able to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously.

Roaming-Off Technology

It does this by automatically connecting with local mobile networks in-destination, thereby eliminating international roaming charges.
Global Unlimited Data is an Add-On.

Feature-Rich Device

Equipped with a high capacity (4,000mAh) battery that enables 15 hours of continuous internet usage.
1Mobile is an ultra-lightweight (130g) device, making it ideal for portability.